The Summer Festival in Klaksvik

The Summer Festival is a unique music event held in the centre of the town Klaksvik in the Faroe Islands. This year the Summer Festival will celebrate it’s 10th festival!

In 2004 the festival started with one outdoor concert, a crowd of 3000 and a couple of smaller international bands. Now the Summer Festival is the biggest music event in the Faroe Islands, the crowd has tripled, and the festival attracts big international bands. Bands like The Scorpions, Westlife, Roger Hodgson, Bobby Bare, Shakin’ Stevens, The Rasmus and others have performed at the festival. This year international pop star MIKA will headline the Summer Festival.

The unique and unspoiled nature of the Faroe Islands is the reason why the widely renowned National Geographic Traveller in the November/ December issue of 2007 hailed these northern islands the most appealing islands in the world to visit.

Embedded in the midst of the serenely natural rather than the urban, the Summer Festival makes for a unique experience for both performer and audience.

The Summer Festival will continue the tradition in 2013, creating a fantastic international music festival in the middle of the North Atlantic. Two hour flights from Denmark, Scotland, England, Iceland, Norway and Sweden make the trip to the Faroe Islands comfortable and easy.

See you at the Summer Festival!

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